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Just for the record,Monster Butterfly High Performance In-Ear Headphones Yellow not your typical jaded 'beats hater', largely (well probably solely) because I didn't plunk down my own hard-earned cash on these expecting to be blown away.Monster Beats Studio 7 Colour Champagne Diamond Black simply had a bunch of Macy's store credit and gift cards with no better place to go than on some new cans. I figured they would be disappointing but passable and that's exactly what they are. Do they sound like junk? Not to me. I'm not an audiophiles, but I know sound reproduction, and to my ear, these sound like about your average $60 pair of lower-end Sonys or mid-level Skullcandys..not bad, but certainly not good either. The bass response is, sonically speaking, the best part of these phones. It's detailed and Monster Beats Studio Manchester United Blue full without being overpowering, however it is a bit 'boomy' meaning you get the distorted pop on vocals beginning with the letters Beats By Dr Dre Studio NBA Chicago Bulls and Monster Heartbeats by Lady Gaga High Performance In-Ear Headphones Black, especially at higher volumes...and being that these puppies aren't very sensitive, you will find yourself listening to your music up pretty high. Aside from the bass, the rest of the sonic spectrum is very unspectacular on the Solos. I wouldn't exactly call it muddy, it's more just that the mids aren't detailed or crisp enough and there is not nearly enough musical separation.The Monster Beats Pro White And Red closed-back design provides long-lasting comfort and a high degree of natural.monster beats are the most widely used type of headsets of today.Although there are many other types with their own specific specialties and functions,monster seem to have branded the former at the top of their list.
Look Monster Beats Studio MLB Philadelphia Wine Red http://www.blakesellshouston.com/nbabeats.aspx, let's just call it what it is, the Beats Concept is not based on great sound, it's based on making a fashion statement. The packaging is slick, they look fantastic, and they let everyone know you have $200-$400 Monster Beats Studio Yankee Deep Green to throw down on a pair of headphones. Sound-wise, they simply sound nowhere remotely close to what you would and should expect from a $200 set of phones. To be fair, I would probably give them 3 stars were they not so comically overpriced, as the build quality seems acceptable, the bass response downright enjoyable, and to be Monster Beats Studio NFL GangRen Team Blue frank-the look is just downright smokin'. However I have to knock off a star for the simple fact that you could buy TWO pairs of Grados or Sennheisers for the price of the Solos that sound far better and might even leave you with a couple bucks left over to buy yourself a Caramel Machiato or two at Starbucks.Welcome to buy our headphones.Comfortable,cushioned ear cups enjoy every one of your most sought after monster beats for days with cushioned,comfortable ear cups that completely seal in crystal clear tones,effective bass,as nicely as an entire assortment of uncompromised sound.The Beats By Dre Pro headphones is more stylish and comfortable.

Blake is determined to take care of all his client’s needs and will do whatever it takes to get the property sold.Monster Beats Solo High Definition Headphones with ControlTalk Gray White.

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